Peer to Peer

Mrs. Ewbank is the coordinator for Munising MS/HS Peer to Peer program. This program allows high school students the opportunity to learn about different learning styles and to build relationships with people outside of their peer group. Older students act as mentors to younger students.  


During the Fall Semester 2017, Mrs. Ewbank is co-teaching with Mrs. Albright’s 9th-grade Pre-Algebra class. Please see Mrs. Albright’s webpage for up-to-date lesson plans.


Academic Enhancement


Academic Enhancement is designed to ensure success for every student with differing abilities. This is done with a combination of direct teaching of study-skills lessons and one-to-one and/ or group assistance with assignments from general education classes.


Students will be graded based on a daily point system, which measures preparation for and participation in class. Students are expected to come to class on time and prepared, to use their time wisely, work on assignments, and to be respectful to others and themselves.  

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